Minagene’s proprietary SES utilizes metagenomic sequencing and bioinformatics to establish molecular diagnoses in patients presenting with sepsis, bacteremia or other systemic inflammatory responses of unknown etiology.


Blood and other sterile site specimens are subjected to shotgun sequencing on the Illumina platform post-nucleic acid purification. Metagenomic analysis characterizes the circulating pathogenomic and identifies resistance genes by comparison against curated pathogen databases.

Key Highlights of Minagene’s (SES) of Systemic Infections

-Detects viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites from whole blood

-Identifies causative organisms in culture-negative cases

-Assesses antibiotic resistance without culture-based assumptions

-Streamlines infection control by specifying pathogenic source

-Returns results within 5 days to guide targeted antimicrobials

By applying an unbiased “whole-microbiome” approach, SES addresses diagnostic challenges in sterile site infections. Simultaneous resistance profiling enables optimized, narrow-spectrum empiric therapy selection.

When to Consider

SES is recommended for evaluation of sepsis, infective endocarditis or other life-threatening systemic infections with negative conventional microbiologic workup requiring fast diagnosis.

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