Minagene's proprietary gastrointestinal pathogen panel utilizes multiplex PCR and next-generation sequencing to simultaneously detect over 30 bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms associated with acute and chronic diarrhea.


Stool specimens

Stool specimens are treated with a lysis buffer and nucleic acid is extracted. Hypervariable regions are amplified using tiled primers barcoded for each pathogen. Sequencing on the Illumina platform at >10,000x coverage allows for identification of variants associated with antimicrobial resistance.

Key Highlights

Key Highlights

-Identifies causative agents missed by conventional assays

-Screens for emerging enteric pathogens like Cyclospora

-Assesses antibiotic resistance of detected bacteria

-Provides results within 5 days to guide targeted therapy

-Offers cost savings compared to sequential single-target testing

With its unparalleled breadth and speed, Minagene’s stool panel streamlines the diagnostic evaluation of gastroenteritis. Genome-resolved pathogen data assists clinical decision-making and public health monitoring of infectious outbreaks.

When to Consider Minagene’s Gastrointestinal Pathogen Test

This comprehensive test is recommended for patients with severe or prolonged diarrhea, particularly in transplant, oncology or malnourished populations where opportunistic infections necessitate rapid diagnosis and isolation.

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